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I didn’t want to look like Ma

…..not in the way she hurts easily or the way she can’t fake her expressions when Da lashes vile words. In those times, my hidden cave was behind the window curtain of our one room abode. The last time Nana(grandma) said i was growing to look like ma in the way her strides gracefully presents her curvy body and the way her lips form into a shy smile when she’s happy. I hate that “shyness”, i wish she would Scream back at Dada like the woman did in the movie i saw last on African Magic.

    Last month was my fifteenth birthday, i think i like that i was born on December 25. The zodiac sign says am a capricorn and i dont take nonsense, not even from Dada. He didnt wish us a “Happy new year” yesterday, i had used that opportunity to tell him i hate him ‘cos i hate pretending and that was the truth.